04 APR 2013


Introducing Archipelago
When it comes to pushing the boundaries of speed, one has to rethink the basic concepts of the backend storage technology. And if we want to talk about cloud elasticity, one has to wonder:

How can I spawn a VM with 100GB System Disk in seconds?
Or a cluster of 100 VMs in a few minutes?

Well, enter Archipelago, a new, innovative Storage Backend for your VM data. Archipelago literally means "a cluster of islands", distinct from one another yet often with the same culture and morphology.

You can see that it's a fitting depiction of your VMs' data in ~okeanos-global. It also gives you a hint of what we tried to achieve: utilize the distributed nature of your VMs' data and similarities between them, to scale our storage and improve speed.

If you are interested in the technology behind it and would like to take a dive into more technical stuff, you can find more information in this blog post.

So go ahead, test it for yourself and as always, send us your feedback. Just keep in mind that Archipelago is an experimental service at the moment, and therefore more suitable for non-critical environments.

Row-row-row your boat,
the ~okeanos-global team

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