Cyclades is the Virtual Compute and Network service of ~okeanos global. With Cyclades you can build your own virtual machines, always connected to the Internet, manage them, destroy them, connect to them and take a handful of other actions, all from inside your favorite web browser. All resources have a lifetime of 6 months.
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  • Different Operating Systems

    Create up to 2 VMs. Choose from Windows, Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Debian, CentOS, Fedora and FreeBSD.

  • Many flavors

    Up to 4 CPUs, 4GB RAM and 80GB of system disk for each user.

  • Internet connectivity

    All VMs connected to the public Internet upon boot.

  • Private networks

    Create an isolated private network and connect your VMs to them.

  • OOB access

    Out of band access to your VMs from inside your favorite web browser.

  • Firewalling

    Choose from 3 different firewalling options to fit your needs.

  • File injection

    Inject files to your VMs during creation.

  • RESTful API

    Programmatically manage your VMs and Networks through an easy API.

  • Custom Images

    Create, upload, register and then spawn VMs from your own custom Images.