• 17 JUL 2013


    New openSUSE Image!
    Hello everybody,

    As you may have noticed, a new Image has appeared under System Images. And yes, it is openSUSE! Many of our users had asked if we could provide an official openSUSE image, so there you have it!

    ~okeanos-global now supports openSUSE all the way, which means there are also official packages of the kamaki command-line client and the snf-image-creator tool for the ~okeanos-global advanced users.

    So, go ahead. Take them for a spin and see how it goes.

    the ~okeanos-global team

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  • 23 MAY 2013


    The daemon comes to ~okeanos-global
    Hello happy ~okeanos-global users,

    Today we have a treat for everybody who would like a taste of real UNIX, coming all the way from the good old days.

    The first FreeBSD image is now available for use on ~okeanos-global. Try it out!

    Create your own VM, check out how original UNIX feels and let us know what you think.

    the ~okeanos-global team

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  • 04 APR 2013


    Introducing Archipelago
    When it comes to pushing the boundaries of speed, one has to rethink the basic concepts of the backend storage technology. And if we want to talk about cloud elasticity, one has to wonder:

    How can I spawn a VM with 100GB System Disk in seconds?
    Or a cluster of 100 VMs in a few minutes?

    Well, enter Archipelago, a new, innovative Storage Backend for your VM data. Archipelago literally means "a cluster of islands", distinct from one another yet often with the same culture and morphology.

    ... read more

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  • 01 APR 2013


    X2Go now on ~okeanos-global images

    Hello everybody,

    We are happy to announce that as of today, all Linux desktop images provided under the "System" tab of the creation wizard, have been updated to have the X2Go Server pre-installed. X2Go is a great tool that allows you to connect remotely to your VMs and actually see their GUI. It's the same as using Remote Desktop (RDP) on Windows VMs. What's more, you 'll find that it is also very fast and secure.

    For those that have tried NX in the past, we definitely ... read more

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  • 11 JAN 2013


    Hello ~okeanos-global users,

    Don't mean to interrupt, hopefully most of you are busy using the various aspects of the ~okeanos-global service such as the private networks between your VMs, the Pithos+ storage, the custom image creation, the fast netw-
    Rewind it.
    Play it again.
    Yes, you've heard right, custom image creation! If you've pondered how cool it'd be to upload and use your own machine on the ~okeanos-global service, then we have a treat for you.
    In this guide you will find all the needed info, such ... read more

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